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January Orlando Fairytale Limited Edition Sessions

Melissa Kelly Imagery is super excited to bring our Limited Edition Fairytale Sessions to the Greater Orlando Area! These sessions are super fun and would make amazing Christmas gifts! We do offer our couture gown closet to all clients at no additional charge. We have a variety of sizes and options to help make this a super magical experience!

We look forward to photographing your children for our Limited Edition Fairytale Session.  At the session, we will photograph each child individually and the children as a group.  We will also photograph your children with our unicorn and have different poses planned for your session!  Please be aware, your child may be very excited to see our unicorn, but when he or she sees the unicorn in person, sometimes we have children become shy.  No worries.  We will work with your child but also have an image that we can create your child with our unicorn, should your child become afraid to get too close.   

Please be sure to include your child(ren)'s names and ages to help us prepare  for our couture gowns.  

Location of the Fairytale Session will be updated closer to the date. We will update all clients with the address  in early January. 

If  your child  will be wearing  one of our gowns , PLEASE ARRIVE A FEW MINUTES EARLY to provide time for changing.  When you arrive, please check in with Ashley and she will guide you to our gown selection. We are  happy to photograph your child(ren) in their own clothing, if you prefer.  Also, please be sure your child wears tennis shoes to protect their feet.  The tall grasses and gowns will hide our secret! 

If you have over 2 children/family members, we ask that you schedule two time slots to ensure everyone gets their special time with our special unicorn.  

Finally, we will set up a private ordering session of your images.  All prints and products are sold separately.  Please see our Pricing Menu below.  

 And as always, feel free to call us at 316.266.4659 or text at 316.869-7700 with any questions!


Melissa Kelly, Master Photog., CPP

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